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Victoria, BC Canada V9A 1N4



What do I need to provide you to build a webite for me?

Answer: All we need is your portrait, a bio write-up and your REALTOR® number. You can provide additional content if you like.


What are the steps involved in building a REALTOR® website?


  1. Consultation - This is where we discuss ideas about the design and feel of your website. We like our REALTOR® clients to think of their website as a canvas in which we create their brand theme. If you don't' have an established brand at this point this is an excellent starting point.

    Additionally, we can talk about any special requirement our ideas you may have for your website.

  2. Register a domain name (e.g. mywebsite.com). We can do this for you or if you already have a domain name, all we need to do is access the domain name account and change some settings.

  3. Design phase - This is where we come up with visual concepts of what your website will look like. We generally like to provide at least 5 different design concepts for feedback and further revision.

  4. Website construction and publication to the internet.


How do you get my listings on to your website?

Answer: We provide the listing information which comes directly from the real estate board database. This information is updated hourly and is posted automatically to your website.


What content can you provide for my website?

For Victoria, BC based REALTOR® clients, we can provide the monthly market report from VREB, an "About Victoria" page that has write-ups and links for the different municipalities, online home evaluation form, property search form and more.

Can you provide me with email accounts?

Yes. We can provide you with email accounts for your domain name (e.g. johndo@mywebsite.com)


What fees are associated with your REALTOR® websites?

There is a one time design fee, a monthly hosting fee (for our REALTOR® clients that have listing data handled automatically, the monthly fee is $39.95) and a domain registration fee, if you have us register your domain for you. There are no other hidden fees.