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Custom Designs with Content Management

We deliver unique, custom concept website designs while giving our clients the ability to manage their own content.

By designating pre-defined editable areas or "content managed blocks" within the web page, the client can focus on the content without worrying about the arrangement (layout) or format of the page itself. This allows for quick and easy editing using our simple page editor.

Our comprehensive system allows for full website structure control from top level categories down. Adding additional pages, adding sub-categories is done easily through our intuitive interface.

Home Page Example
CMS 01

Within larger content managed blocks, the client has the freedom to add image and video content along with text.

Secondary Page Example
CMS 02

Page editor

  • Add links, images and video
  • Operation similar to MS Word
  • Detailed instruction manual

page editor


Portfolio/Product Catalogue Management

Online portfolio or product catalogues can have more complex navigation and page structures. We build specific content management systems to manage these sections.

  • Form based editing: Simply enter title, description into the online editor and upload your photos using a simple click and browse method.

  • Expandable to allow unlimited additional fields such as price, subcategory etc.



Product/Portfolio Page editorCMS editor

Spreadsheet style lists to manage portfolio/products