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How it works
Adding a page  

To add a page, First login to http://igrealtor.com, and then go to the Page Manager section in the IG realtor admin area. Let's say you want to create a page/article called "How to Spot a Lemon". You enter "How to Spot a Lemon" in the title field. In this case, you want to add the page under the "buying" section, so we select "buying" as or category.

Next we type an introduction statement. For example, you could type "Learn tips from the pros on spotting a bad property investment". To see how this would display click here.

Now you enter in the text for the page. Paragraph breaks are created by typing a "<p>" at the end of your paragraph. For more information on formatting tags contact us

Finally, you click "Submit", and that's it, your page is live.

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